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Coco here, and I would like to personnaly welcome you to Art Gallery 2020.

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All Paintings Are Originals

All of Mr Dube's Paintings and Giclees are personnaly signed by him.

My friend  and Master Tran Anh Tru  in Saigon.

Tran Anh Tru

Meet my friend and Master Portrait Artist, considered the best reproduction artist in Vietnam.

My Story by Serge Dube

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Welcome to Art Gallery 2020

This pic was taken last April in Saigon. You can see a framed original with its Giclee by is side.


We bring you Original Artwork from Canada, Vietnam, USA, and more.  We offer First Edition Original Art in a series of 10 Paintings. All originals are signed and numbered and come with a certificate of Authenticity.


Buy what you love and what you will enjoy having in your home or office. Do not buy for financial investment or speculation. Given the semantically broad appeal of the word “investment” , it is understandable that a collector might look for some assessment of the potential for future appreciation in value.

-To gain insight, visit galleries, see different styles, meet artists when possible, and acquaint yourself with gallery personnel.

-Request documentation of authenticity and buy only from established, reputable dealers who will stand behind the work sold.

-Fine art is available at all price levels and need not be expensive to be enjoyed. Examine art for the quality and condition.

We strive to earn your confidence and trust, in the hope that you choose us when it comes to adding to your art collection,  rest assured that I will be there for you. You will be able to reach me by phone, email or text. 

Serge Dube Art Studio

Acrylic Master Serge Dube

One of our Master Acrylic on canvas painter Mr. Serge Dube at work in his studio in Canada.

 Mr.Dube rather extensive body of work and long career as an artist, makes him well known and highly collectable around the globe. 

Mr. Dube as mastered the art of acrylic painting, by creating is own acrylic paint. Bold, Vibrant, with great fluidity. Mr. Dube brings 35 years of experience to the gallery. An award winning artist.

 He has worked with such artists as Jean Paul Riopelle, Chris MacClure, Paul Ygartua, Brent Heighton, Fernando Tames and John Einerssen. 

First Edition " JAZZ "

This acrylic on canvas is part of a special First Edition serie of 10 JAZZ scene. Serge Dube Art

Mr. Serge Dube as created a serie of ten outstanding " JAZZ " paintings for Art 2 Fashion's First Edition release. We are pleased and confident in bringing you Master Dube's Art.

Special Edition Art

This First Edition JAZZ creation painting by Serge Dube brings the viewer into a listening mood.

We have created a Limited Edition Serie of Giclee for each Original Painting. These are # 1 / 25 Signed and Numbered  by Serge Dube. at the Art Studio.