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Our Vietnamese Master Tran Anh Tru


Meet my friend Tran Anh in Saigon.

With some 40 years of experience in the arts, my Master friend Tran Anh Tru can reproduce to the finest details any pictures you may want to have a painting of.

I am very proud to be affiliated with Master Tran Anh Tru. We are providing a reproduction or portrait service by the Master. Email us your picture and size of painting that you want and we will quote you. 

 For decades shopkeepers in Ho Chi Minh City have been selling art by the likes of Da Vinci, Vermeer and Monet. Only there’s a catch. They were painted by local artists. Tran Anh Tru and his team are among a number of Saigon-based artisans who make their living by copying other people’s works of art. Tru has been painting copies of European artworks for almost 30 years, and he’s had his own studio in the city since the late 1970s. Come by his studio on Mac Dinh Chi, and you’ll see him sitting on his chair, with a print-out of a famous work in one hand, and a paintbrush in the other. It’s been a lifelong passion for Tru, but it was nearly curtailed at age ve by a teacher suspicious of his talent. “I’ve been in love with painting since rst grade,” he says. “When I went to school I drew an oil lamp, and the teacher came by and gave it two zeroes [out of 10]. I was so mad! I said ‘My work was better than everyone else’s in the class — so why did you give me two zeroes?’ She said, ‘this drawing was drawn by an adult. This is not your work!’” He adds: “The teacher saw me crying so she brought me a box of materials and let me draw it again. And once she saw the nished work, from then on, every drawing assignment I got 10 points. It was one of the experiences in my life that I remember most.” Finding a Niche Tru began his career painting portraits, but one day a French tourist came by his studio and after being impressed with his work, he was commissioned to draw a panel painting — a medium which was popular in 16th century Europe. “That’s when I was exposed to western classical painting. I did the copy and through this commission I became very curious and started to explore western art.” A meeting with another French painter during the mid-1990s help turn his talent into the business which he has today. “In 1996 and 1997 there was a different Frenchman that would ask me to do copies ....

We can make your dream painting a reality

You have some special pics that maybe you would enjoy on your wall. You can have an Actual Oil Painting signed by Master Tran Anh Tru.  

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